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"I appreciate all the kindness and attention you all give to my mom, it has saved her life."
- Gary
Oregon passed a law January 1, 2014, requiring national certification of professional fiduciaries in Oregon. The bill was HB 3129 and was a result of active participation of the Guardianship, Conservatorship Association of Oregon, of which we are members. The bill created a modification to Oregon statutes, specifically ORS 125.240.

The statute reads that a professional fiduciary (someone appointed on three cases of which they are not related to the persons they are appointed over, known as wards) must be ‘national or state association of professional fiduciaries, the name of any such association and whether the professional fiduciary or other staff person has ever been disciplined by any such association and the result of the disciplinary action.’

We have four people who are certified guardians with the National Guardianship Association and meet the requirements of the new law: Rikki Rainey, Gerald "Jerry" Rainey, Todd Thomas, Anya Danielson. The new law is designed to add a new level of protection for protected persons by requiring professional fiduciaries to be certified. The certification process is extensive. The applicant must have a minimum one year experience working in the field with a guardian or relevant educational experience, must pass a rigorous test by the National Guardianship Association (NGA), must be subject to extensive background and professional examinations, and must submit to third-party verification of qualifications. For a detailed review of the qualifications for certification, please go to the NGA website.

Our company prepared for the creation of this new requirement several years ago. We have always believed certification was important and should be required. That is why we undertook certification several years ago. We take our responsibilities seriously as should every court appointed guardian or conservator, whether professional or not. Our wards deserve nothing less.

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